My Last Lecture

A few days ago, I was preparing a presentation I had to deliver in front of a group. The presentation was supposed to be my “last lecture,” or the message I would like to deliver to the world if it were my last chance.

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How Creation Works

All creations start from nothing, from the void. Yet this void can also be called “the infinite potential” because anything can emerge from it. Everything is possible.

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What Happened To Your Dreams?

We all had dreams. No matter your age, there was a time 10, 20, or 30 years ago—or even longer! —when you had ideas about how you wanted your life to be.

Dreams about your career, your lifestyle, your legacy. Your ideas about who you were going to spend that life with, what the place you called “home” was going to look like.

As life unfolded, you may have become discouraged, hurt, or just busy and so stopped pursuing those dreams. You settled for something completely different. You gave up your dreams.

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Money as Commitment

Commitment is a personal decision to something: to lose weight, be a better parent, learn a language, take care of someone… whatever it is, you name it.

When you commit, you’re deciding to invest your time, energy, and other resources to reach a certain goal or to pursue a certain direction in life.

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Your Life Starts Inside

It is a powerful thing to realize that life comes from the inside out and not from the outside in!

This perspective can change your world, literally, when you realize that your moods create your world, not the other way around. Or that you are projecting what’s inside of you, instead of receiving from the outside.

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