About me

I help people create their dream life one step at a time:

Exploring their dreams.

Working with their fears.

Playing with ideas.

Putting them into the world.

Since 2008 I’ve worked as a Transformational Coach, focusing on helping people successfully transform and create a life in which they achieve personal wellness and fulfillment.

Some quick facts about me:
  • I’ve worked for big corporations, started my own company, and am now freelancing.

  • I’ve lived in four countries.

  • I have a background in Psychology

  • Originally from Spain, I live now in Concord, Massachusetts (USA).

  • I love basketball, meditation, nature, and Eastern philosophies (non-duality).

  • My curiosity is endless.

Words that define my work and life

  Simplicity, service, learning, connection, and playful attitude.

What I’m up for now (inspired by Derek Sivers’ “Now Movement”).

In addition to working one-on-one with clients (something I love doing), I’ve also been working on some projects and exploring other interests these days:

  • I’ve started a Meetup group in the Concord area for those interested in personal growth and self-development.

  • I’m part of the program “Emerging Voices” led by Michael Neill. Michael is helping eight of us explore the nature of creative expression. It’s being transformative, challenging, and fun!

  • Committed to write at least 2 articles per week on my blog.

  • Enjoying “The Way of Mastery”