Two Loves

There’s a love I feel when I’m in nature, contemplating a breathtaking landscape, a river, a tree.

And there’s a love that I feel when someone says something nice about me.

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The Three Main Lessons I’ve Learned from my Children

Every relationship is a classroom; the closer the relationship, the better the teacher. This is why your partner, your family, and your closest friends are the ones who can teach you better than anyone about yourself and about life.

My children have taught me several important lessons that I have been able to apply to any other relationship in my life. I want to share the three that have proven to be most valuable:

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The Root of Every Conflict

I see it with clients, with friends, and with myself: we all get lost in conflict. We get stuck in it. No one likes conflict, but it’s part of our lives. Is there any way to avoid it?

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According to the book “Course in Miracles,” forgiveness is the key to inner peace. In fact, the book calls forgiveness a “miracle.” And it’s a miracle because it changes our perception of the world and gives us peace. It’s as simple as that.

But the book explains forgiveness in a different way than usual. It says:

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The Blame Game

We all love playing this game.

It consists of trying to find something or someone external to ourselves to be responsible for things not being the way we expected.

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