Don’t Push the River

I always loved the expression: “Don’t push the river, it flows by itself.” It’s so true and such a beautiful metaphor, but it’s a truth we forget about all the time.

Life flows on no matter what we do. We can play on its banks, wade around in its shallows or dive deep, or even just watch it go by. But swimming against the current will exhaust you; trying to stop it is useless, and pushing the water won’t affect the river at all.

Are you efforts trying to push the river? Or stop it? Are you attempting to go upstream?

Or, are you swimming playfully or trying to uncover any of its many treasures? Maybe you’re sailing in a good company.

As long as you respect its rhythm, you’ll be in a good place. Why? Because there’s no other rhythm and no other speed. Trying to change that rhythm is a waste of your energy.

Use your energy wisely. Be aware of the flow of your life, and respect it because it will remain the way it is, no matter what you think or feel.

So yes, do what you can to take advantage of the current of your life, but don’t try to alter the current itself.

If you find yourself trying to alter it, you’re trying to push the river.

Slow down.


Let your mind be quiet.

Let the river inspire you and the current guide you into what you should do next to stay in tune with the flow of life.