Give Yourself Permission

Giving yourself permission is a powerful tool.

Whenever we don’t feel like we’re operating at our best, we can always give ourselves permission.

Permission to feel what we are feeling.

Permission to be anything: weak, fearful, lost, stupid, disconnected, shy, powerless, or whatever other adjective might cross your mind.

Giving yourself permission brings great relief; it takes you out of your self-judgment. It takes you out of your head and lets you feel. It also lets you be. It lets you be who you are, whether that is weak, fearful, lost, stupid, etc. We all are, at some point. Yet we don’t want to accept it.

Life became so much easier when I accepted that I was who I don’t want to be.

I have my own ideas about who I would like to be and who I would not. About what I should feel and what I should not feel.

I have ideas about the terrible consequences I will suffer if I am all those things I don’t want to be or if I feel all those feelings I don’t want to feel.

But those are just ideas.

When I enter those “dangerous” territories by giving myself permission, I always feel better than before when I was entangled in my own ideas about the terrible consequences I would have to face.

This morning, I didn’t know what to write about. I was worried about writing a bad post, about being a bad writer. So, I gave myself permission to write a bad post. Each person who reads it will decide whether it’s good or bad. Even so, I can share with you my experience:

I felt relieved after I gave myself permission.

I got out of my thoughts and just started writing.

Now I feel happy that I’ve done what I wanted, which was to write an article.

And it all started by giving myself permission.

I’ll still get worried about how good or bad my articles are, but I’m going to keep giving myself permission to write a bad article, have a nice breakfast, and continue with my life. I realized that I love the feeling I have now that I’ve given myself permission.

What do you want to give permission to yourself to be, do, or feel today?