How Creation Works

All creations start from nothing, from the void. Yet this void can also be called “the infinite potential” because anything can emerge from it. Everything is possible.

The beginning of anything is formless, but eventually, it will be given a form by someone. Maybe it will be you?

You are the conduit through which the formless transforms into form.

It all starts from nothing. Then, a thought crosses your mind. If you engage it, you may get excited about it and will see other related thoughts emerge. These additional thoughts only increase your excitement, which results in even more thoughts. You’re channeling the infinite potential to the world of possibility. From all possible directions, you’re moving toward one (or many). And it feels good.

If you stay in touch with that feeling, you will continue playing with the possibilities: what if…? can I do it like…? How would it look if I…?

All these possibilities feel fun and exciting. You keep flowing in your excitement until you feel the urge to act, to give it form, to create.

Then you start acting and something begins to take shape in the world, something that was not previously there.

You keep doing (this doing can take from a few seconds to decades) until you feel that something is complete.

That’s it. From formless to form. Or, more accurately, from nothing, to possibilities, to something.

It always starts with nothing.

Then there’s a spark inside of you.

You follow the spark and it opens up a world of possibilities.

Those possibilities get you excited.

That excitement creates an urge to act.

Your actions create something in the world.

It’s as simple as that.

It’s as beautiful as that.

But remember: It starts with nothing and your ability to be open to notice the spark. Follow your feelings and keep flowing.