How do you face uncertainty?

Life is full of uncertainty. Life is uncertainty. If we want to do well in life, we have to learn how to navigate its uncertainty.

I would say that there are two ways to face uncertainty: with fear or with curiosity.

Fear lives in the future, which means that to feel fear we have to project our thoughts into the future, create a fearful scenario, and believe that it’s going to happen and that we don’t have the resources to deal with it. However, notice how all the above is made up: every scenario created by fear is just a story we create in our minds.

In addition to living in the future, fear feels heavy. It drains our energy and produces all kinds of thoughts that, just like a cloud of locusts, don’t let us see beyond it.

On the other hand, we have curiosity.

Curiosity lives in the present and provides us with a playful attitude that makes us excited to explore what’s next.

There are no made-up scenarios. And, if there are, we take them lightly and see them as possibilities instead of reality, wherein no one is better than the other. With curiosity, we’re so absorbed in the beauty of how life unfolds that we don’t even consider whether we are able to deal with what’s next or not. We do it naturally.

Curiosity feels light. It gives us the energy of excitement. Our eyes are open wide to the infinite possibilities everywhere, and we feel delighted observing them. We feel calm, even though life keeps moving.

For every single moment of uncertainty in your life, you have the option to choose between fear or curiosity.

Which one will you choose?

Which one feels more useful for you?

Which one do you think will lead you to a more fulfilling life?