The Power of Now

It’s so difficult to realize that all we have is now.

There’s nothing else.

The past is gone, and all we can experience from it are memories that we create now.

The future is also just thoughts in our heads that we create in the present.

If you see it like that, both past and future are the same: thoughts we are having now.

It all ends up in the now.

Now is where it all starts and ends; now is all there is.

I consider the past and the future as inventions that distract me from life, like imaginary tales that are entertaining or sometimes scary.

And even if they make me feel something, it’s worth noting that those feelings about the past or future don’t have the same power that the feelings of “now” have.

When I’m focused on the present, the feelings I experience are more fresh, alive, and intense.

When I focus on my present, all my fears disappear because fears are thoughts about the future.

The world, as a concept (because that’s another thought), disappears. And I (another concept) vanish as well.

All that is left is awareness and action. Pure awareness and powerful action. And from there, only magic can happen.

When I’ve decided to focus on the present moment, it’s been always exciting. When fears disappear, excitement shows up.

Focusing on the present moment has been always powerful because there was no fear there to make friction with my actions.

The present is the home of creativity, and the possibilities I can imagine are endless because, when I’m connected with the present moment, creativity flows through me freely.

I wish I had more moments like these. Even though I know how much I love them and how much good they do for my life, I keep forgetting.

So, I’m writing this post as a reminder to myself. Hopefully as a reminder to you too.