The self as a created character

Be aware of your thoughts.

Pay attention to how they limit you. Notice how they tell you that you’re not good enough, that you’re never going to get what you want.

In reality, they’re all stories in your mind, but you quickly believe them. You act (or stop acting) because of what they convince you of. It’s as though you hear and believe what a character in a movie tells you… when it’s just fiction! I know. It’s different when you’re convinced that the character is “you.” But what if the “you” you’ve created over the years is exactly the same as any other character that you see in a fiction movie or read of in a book? What if this “you” character is also made up?

You can believe this or not, but I invite you to try to play with this idea for a little while.

Just for fun.

Just to see how it might change your life.

What would you do differently if the above were true?

Sometimes when I’m aware of a thought that is trying to stop me from doing something, I imagine that it’s Donald Duck who is talking to me. This little exercise does wonders because it makes me laugh. I can move ahead with a smile and do what I originally wanted to do before Donald interfered.

Try it: visualize a character that you find amusing or silly, and let him/her be the voice in your head. See whether you can take your thoughts seriously and, most importantly, see how this practice changes your life.