Use Wisely your Train of Thought

Have you ever heard the expression “train of thought”?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, its meaning is “a series of thoughts or ideas that someone is having.”

I like the metaphor of the train because it beautifully explains how our thoughts work.

Like a train, they lead us to a destination, and that destination is always an experience, a feeling.

Like a train, thoughts have inertia, and the more they’ve been moving in a certain direction, the more difficult it is to change that direction.

For instance, if I have an event next week, my train of thought can start moving today toward “Boredom Station,” presenting dull, tedious, unstimulating thoughts all week. So, when the day of the event arrives, I will stop at “Boredom Station” and will find it difficult to see the event with other than my colorless lens.

If you’re going to see your partner and your train of thought starts moving toward “Anger Station,” when you finally meet him, you’ll be ready to fight. Even if he shows his loving self then, the inertia of your train will make it difficult for you to meet him at “Love Station” because you passed it already. Changing the direction of your train takes a big effort, so is it not a better idea and use of your energy to direct your train to “Love Station” from the beginning? What’s the name of the station at which you would like to meet him?

Choose wisely where you want your train to carry you because it will diligently take you there.

We’re also creatures of habits, so we tend to direct our trains to the same stations. Which ones are your favorites?

Disappointment? Envy? Frustration?

Excitement? Fun? Care?

At which stations would you like to stop every day? Which one are you missing in your life?

Just tell your train to bring you there. It will do it dutifully and smoothly; you only have to enjoy the ride.